Taste of An Angry Student

Students are pushed too hard, too fast. We are expected to spend 24/7 of our lives studying and becoming big success stories. I cant take it anymore, I dont want to be some huge successful business leader at 18 years old; I didnt want to do at 17 and I dont want to still be doing it at 19! Im not my sister, I dont want a 6 figure job!

Im sick of pulling all nighters to finish up the other half of the assignment of group members who decided to go on vacation right in the middle of classes and then hand the project in as their own without my name on it!!

I am sick of trying to be the perfect little horseback rider in the show ring, I just want to do barrel racing and endurance racing like I love. I just want to be with my horses.

I hate my teacher who promised to help me and then shut me out because he got a promotion...we all know where he can shove that job.

Ughhhhhh soooo many things!

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take a long deep breath........................ and then take another 100, until it passes.

See playwrite was my dream! I got my drama schooling done in high school. But yeah, stuck in marketing with depression and a drug addiction...yupp good times :(

You sure as HELL better do what makes you happy!<br />
<br />
I tend to notice that people who are doing exactly what they love are happier! Damn everything that everyone else says about what you SHOULD do. It's your life!! <br />
Choose your own path! And make it worthwhile no matter how much money you make.<br />
<br />
Take my siblings. my bro's an actor, my sister's a playwrite, and my other sister's a singer.<br />
I'm 19 and I'm goin' off to art school! I think our parents just don't know what to do with us anymore! <br />
We've all kinda excepted the fact that we'll prolly never be rich, but, as long as we can get by, we're all ok with that. <br />
Don't ever give up!! <br />
The road to happiness and a doing what you love might be hard, but you WILL find happiness one day. <br />
<br />
All the best of luck to you!! :)

May i also add....<br />
as gbs1 said, please don't consider suicide. <br />
As someone who has seriously considered it at many stages in life, including within the past several months, i ALWAYS come around and say after, Gosh, so glad i didn't do it -- look at the wonderful things i would have missed. <br />
i also read an article about people who jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. Most of them die -- there are a half dozen or so ways it can kill you -- but for those over the years who have survived, virtually ALL of them report that the second or two after they jumped, they regretted it.<br />
i feel bad for you, and take your hand across the miles, because i do NOT think you are just being 'dramatic' or using the word lightly. If you are like me, and others i have known who have thought of it (or even attempted it), you might be feeling this is the only way out of your pain. Instead, please try to solve little pieces of the big puzzle instead of being overwhelmed by all of it. Try to stay as healthy as possible. Try to be alone as little as possible. Please ask for help. Find someone -- perhaps a professional -- who can look at things unemotionally, while your emotions and feelings of self-worth are off whack. Try to laugh as much as you can, even if a movie or a party makes you laugh only once. Don't listen to all the 'monkey chatter' in your brain -- some of it is emotionally or chemically off, and it can spiral you down. Get some rest. When you're tired everything seems different. Talk with someone who is the same age as you, and people who are older than you. Ask others how they dealt with similar things. Find something brand new that you can immerse yourself in. And remember that others, and i am absolutely one of them, have felt hopeless and worthless and stuck and lost, and i made it through. But i didn't do it alone, and i hope you won't try to either. Rather, lean on someone, as i did, and one day hopefully you can pass on what you learned to someone else who is temporarily miserable. <br />
You have my sincerest best wishes -- good luck on your new journey of self-discovery. And DON'T LEAVE THE PARTY EARLY. True, some of it, okay, a lot of it sucks. But wait till you see what happens next -- don't miss it.

Money is great, i have been rich and poor, and rich is better. But NOT if you give up your soul and friendships and all the rest of life passes you by. Make enough to not be stressed with worry; do as much in your work that you love as possible. But i lost two good marriages because of 'climbing the ladder to success'; and MOST, not some, of the people i know personally with a big pile of money have screwed up too much of the rest of their lives to make it make sense. Nobody says on his deathbed, 'Gee, I should have worked more hours.'

Those problems arent why I've considered suicide

So do whatever you want when you get out of school. Its your life. But be happy someone cares about you getting an education in this world so you can support yourself easily later on.<br />
<br />
Your problems are nothing worth considering suicide over. Snap out of the melodrama and get a hobby, lay off studying a bit.

It is in fact about doing what makes you happy in life but without dependency

UHH finally someone who agrees with me :D <br />
My mom tells me its all about the money and being the best.<br />
Nooo, not in my mind