Don't Fit In...

I don't fit in. I

If you saw me , you'd probably think "who's that stupid emo choice over there?"

I don't fit in

If you knew me youd probably think different. I'm a beautiful butterfly, wrapped in a broken, dark, evil shell.

Nobody understands.

I try to talk to 'friends ' but they always tell me I'm annoying.


Stupid people

I like this guy, so I was talking to him and my 'best friend' ran out in the hall and cried bcuz she likes him 2

She always talks about he said this and that, to make me jealous.


I'm a straight A student, in he gifted program, people still think I'm stupid.

School is just a place for social cliques.

Don't DARE be different, or you'll en up like me... A poor puppy who's been kicked one to many times
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1 Response May 14, 2012

Yea I agree, but it's hard sometimes