i feel like i can not make any new friends. I'm definitely shy at first. Im so outgoing though and would be a really good friend to have, its just the first words are the hardest for me. I cant stand being rejected, thats why i like never say anything. UGH. I hate sitting in the class with no one to talk to. And then I hate going home to do homework by myself, it ****** me off that I don't have someone to text and maybe get some help. I'm forced to rely on the "LAC" (learning advising center). Sorry this post is so grammatically INCORRECT, I could do a lot better but why? Thats one of the main things i hate about school is having to have a grammatically correct paper! Rant over.
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i'm in the same exact situation. i just moved to a new school, and everybody assumes i know my way around because I'm a sophmore when really i show up at all the wrong classes and look like a dork. I'm constantly feeling like a freshman.

Everybody likes to talk about things they are interested in. From books, girlfriend/boyfriend, movies, animals, etc... Next time you hear someone talking about something you believe you have a common interest in, try to bring something to class that will catch their eye; they more than likely will approach you to talk about it bcz they want to show you how smart they are about whatever the object may be (book, DVD, pictures of your animals on your screensaver/desktop etc...) it'll work for sure;)