School used to be fun, you used to get up and smile as the bus rushed down to your stop. That, of course, was when you were little, and the only worries you had was what was for lunch and who you were going to sit by in science. Things are different. The words tests, grades, teachers, homework, future, college rain down on you all at once. Before you know it you dread school, and you dread everything that you COULD be, but are not. You look at the other students thinking "why am I not like that?" "why can't I be in 7 AP classes?"

Everything revolves around grades. Nothing is about the joy of learning. It's all about which answers you got right, and which answers you got wrong. It's about your grade point average. Teachers don't care about how passionate you are about the subject, they care about what you get on the final test. Of course because their jobs rely on it. That little three number score. Most kids get nothing out of the class, just the satisfaction that they passed that test. Or that they got good grades.

Because who cares about learning, right?


On top of the grades, we have to worry about extracurricular activities. So not only do we have to get above and beyond perfect grades, we also have to do stuff out of school. This is the main reason why kids get SO STRESSED about school. Some kids force themselves to do activities they don't even want to do JUST so it will look good for college. The fact that some kids volunteer, AND play 3 sports, AND are in 3 clubs, AND have their own charity, AND so on and so forth. Do you know how stressful it is to look at those kids and see how much they're doing, and then look at yourself? While you've been trying to have perfect grades, the students around you have 190703 extracurricular activities, AND perfect grades? That makes us feel like.. dirt.

Our WHOLE future is based off of high school. It's about which college you get into. You HAVE to get into college. Not just a college a GOOD college. But the thing is colleges look for those perfect grades, AND those ridiculous extracurricular activities and so much more. How are we supposed to be everything they want?

School isn't the same. It's not about learning. Not at all.

I've been an above average student. I've studied my heart out, i've researched, and learned, and have always loved learning. I've always tried my best to be the best of class. But I'm still not good enough. I'm not even good enough for my teachers who are supposed to be there to teach me and encourage me forward. I don't know why but my teachers never say "good job" or ANY kind of encouragement. There is never a "you have really been trying hard" or "you'll go far".

Why am I not good enough? I'm always average to them when I know that deep down I can be extraordinary. But why can't they see that?

School is not the same. School is a hole of stress.
alehic173 alehic173
18-21, F
Aug 22, 2014