I just got through the worst episode of mental illness I have ever had in my life (yes mental illness is real and, at least in my case, messed me up physically and emotionally). I'm rebuilding from here. I know it can be done. I dream of building a truly beautiful life out of these ashes. It includes major components of love, achievement, fun and health. How do I do this?
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Hello friend
You are more than a conqueror & congratulations because you did it by taking this quantum leap of faith,surely that will be your fuel to your wonder land,its your victory,see,we are a pencil,everything we do we leave our mark,and being a good pencil,we know that we will be sharpen by a. Pencil sharpener in order to produce a perfect unique writings in life

One small step at a time. Good luck.

I completely agree with everything you wrote. Good luck to you.