My Nightmare

October 2007 I met my best friend. September of 2011 he asked me to marry him. Uprooting my two boys and myself I moved hour and a half away. June 19 2012 we were married. Two weeks after we arrived home from our wedding my husband tells me he cant live with children. My two boys and his daughter. July I found that he had not ended a ten year relationship. The other women wasnt going to let him go. August the police were called twice. September he force my oldest son out of the home. November we went to LasVegas for Thanksgiving. Had a wonderful time. Two days latter I find that there is a second woman. My husband was on dating sites saying he was single meeting other women. He was leading a double life. Currently I am living in the home and he is staying with his mother. I have been told that if I move I will loose all rights to the house and personal property.
Blondie0619 Blondie0619
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