My First Love Is Over

why he promised me a thing he couldn't do
he knows i feel pain

everthg was perfectly right , just the way i wanted
we fell in love so quickly & we began to dream . we even planned to get married
but when i stated to face major hard problems in my life & unconciously expecting him to be by my side.......i didn't find him

it was my first time to live outside my parents home , i travelled looking for a good job & luckily the capital , where careers r much better , is my bf hometown

i was happy , i thought that he ll be with me all the time ,helpin me with everthg i don't no abt , the new places , the transformation ........etc
but nthg happened

i hadmany problems , my mobile ve been stolen , my roomates were bullying me , i got lost in the streets , i got fired .............

i felt insecure , i didn't should i depend on him or not so i decided to face him & say everthg that hurt me . he got confused & didn't no wat to say
" u r just saying that bcs u wanna leave me "
" no , i just want to find a way to overcome that together "
"there s no way ,just leave me , u can delete my number , u can burn the stuff i ve given to u "

utopialover utopialover
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013