I'm so devastated by my husbands sudden decision to end our 22 year marriage. It's been almost a month and I really don't feel like I can go on.
I just don't understand how he could do this to me.
Will this ever get any easier to deal with.
I'm so desperate for answers, but my best friend (my husband) refuses to even speak to me.
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I went on 6 years.. And it does hurt and sting. And it's gonna take time. Hang In there and be strong!!! Time will heal itself...

Thank you for your kinds words of support. I've joined a gym and have been focussing a lot on me... Which is uncharacteristic for myself.
Even with this new attention I'm spending on myself.
I still feel like I need to talk to him everyday.
When I trapped him on the phone 1 time he was so cold hearted towards me. I've already lost all the tears I though i had, not the case I cry non stop.. Mostly in private. My family and my husband have always been extremely close.
Blood is thicker than water & my fan just needs to back off..... Am I being to sensitive ?

I'm horrified. He kicked me out of our home on Sunday, 27 2014. I can't understand this. We just purchased a brand new truck. He had convinced me to cash out the small amount of money I had for retirement, to use on his new truck.
A week later he made up many lies, and I was gone by Monday-nonetheless in a broken down vehicle. My car had been given to our daughter.
I never in a million years thought that this would ever happen to me.
(23 year son) (21 year old daughter)

How do women survive this

It's rough!!! That's horrible for your husband to do... At least your kids are older and are able to care for themselves. My son is 5. And it's hard!
We women will get through this!!! We need to stick together and stay positive and try and try to better ourselves! And support eachother! Things will get better! The pain and suffering they give us will only be temporary. But you will see in the long run that they did us a favor. The favor of being happier in life. Hang in there and don't give up.

I went ten years,cant even imagine 22 years.i mean,it gets easier,but there will always be something there. You have to focus on you and dont feel guilty doing so. Even if it felt like it,your husband did not define your life