There's More To Life Than Being Alive

I had a friend post a saying on her Facebook that simply said "There's More To Life Than Being Alive ..." Well, I don't know whether this was her inspired saying, but I had just never heard it before. Regardless, it is such a true statement.

Since my husband passed away I have been trying to live my life. Changes at work, more travel, ultimately more responsibilities with everything. But I'm doing it. Our son still has two years of college and someone has to deal with that, and I guess I've been elected a party of one. I'm okay with that, he's a great guy and got a sports scholarship so our troubles are very few. He'll be going back to school within the month and then it will be me (and the 2 dogs and 1 inherited cat). I traveled all over last year with his sport and will again hit the road when the season starts, but I will also be going places just for me where I just want to look at it and say I've seen that. I've got to be that active participant in life. I've got to be more than ......... just alive.
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1 Response Jul 31, 2010

For me, it hit me as you just can't sit there and watch the world go by. Yes, I've had to deal with devastating issues and maybe some people would say it would be okay to sit in a corner and cry my eyes out, but that's not me. What happened yesterday is in the past and there's not a **** thing I can do about it, I only have today and my tomorrows. It doesn't take away from my loss and hurt, but I don't think it should be the loss of two lives.