How Do You Live With Half A Heart

I lost my husband on Feb 15th 2009 after a long illness fighting pancreatic cancer every day was a blessing until the pain was to much to handle , he was so brave and only worried  about me and how i was coping but as long as he was with me i still felt i had a purpose but now he has gone i have nothing to look forward to any more
People say time is a healer but for any one who has lost there true love will tell you it doesnt help to hear that though i no they mean well.
I have a great family and good friends but that does not take the pain away.
lindavethorpe lindavethorpe
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

True words, Linda. My mother in law is eight years ahead of us in dealing with the pain of her husband's passing, and tells me that the pain is still there. Still, she is going on -- making new friends, traveling with old acquaintances.<br />
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My wife finished her battle with cancer three years ago, and there are still too many places I pass by in this city that send my spirits plummeting. The widow who accepted an engagement ring from me has done better, somehow, but there are places and times still when she speaks of how his absence hurts her.<br />
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Being confident that ours has been a match arranged by spiritual intervention, we console each other with the thought of rejoining them one day in spirit.<br />
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Wishing you peace -- Michael