My Husband, Best Friend, Father Of My Children My Everything

on june 23, 2010 i lost the one person i leaned on and talked to about everything. i woke up at 4:30 that morn. to him gasping for breath and then it was over. no answers no notice just gone. i am 29 years old and have 3 beautiful children left to raise. i just need someone to talk to, especially at night when kids r asleep and its just me and all the thoughts and pain runnin through my mind. is anyone out there?
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so sorry for ur most recent lost. i lost my hubby 10 months ago. i didnt even know that my husband had taken his last breath. he was taken from w/ out any warning. im here 2 talk.

I don't sleep. that has become a thing of the past. I have ptsd and suffer from some really bad flashbacks. Sleep seems to open the door for them. I am so sorry for your loss and the pain I know you are going thu. I know how long and dark the night can be. How lonely. Buzz my computer anytime.

I am here and I have also lost. I understand the evasion of sleep and the constant nag of why. I have no answers but I have ears and eyes... I am intimate with the isolation of loss and hope I can alleviate some of that for you... please know you are not alone...even though it feels as if you are.

Welcome to EP. I'm so sorry about your husband. This is a great place to find support, there's a lot of really wonderful, understanding people here.

I am so sorry for your loss i too lost my husband in feb but had more time with him , take comfort in your lovely children though when your are grieving nothing seems to make you happy any more

It has been 14 years since my husband passed away. Like you, I was in my twenties and with two young children. I think of him everyday. He is always with me. I feel his presence even though I have moved on. He lives through my children. I see him in their actions, their physical appearance or a comment they may make. Before he passed away, we talked about heaven. I told him to send me a sign that he was there. Whenever I would think of him, I would see a bear. That was our signal. That was his way of communicating with me. He is at peace. He is no longer suffering. Be strong, you will make it. Be there for your children and tell them all about him. Instill his memories in them.

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I have trouble sleeping too but for different reasons.I know what its like.I most likely got only 4h sleep today.Its hard to do much when your tired.

i am very new to the computer thing so i dont really now if im doing this right. but nights like this when sleep is impossible i was hoping to find someone out there, thank you.

Im here.I have never been married but i have lost loved ones like my mom.I have lost a cat that i had for about 12 years too.I know its not the same but both of them hurt alot and they both happened in the same month but in different years.What makes it hard is my b-day is on the 6th of this month and my mom passed just days before my b-day.