My Husband Died

I see stories I can relate to. I lost my husband of 32 years on Christmas day 2012. They said it was a heart attack or a stroke. I guess I am doing ok. I understand not wanting to work in the yard. I really just want to sit in front of the TV and not think. I am doing a little more each week, it seems.
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Loss is so difficult but, when associated with such a celebrated day as Christmas must be really difficult. I t is so easy to just want time to pass without becoming actively involved. There was so much I had to do with three special needs children that my day was half consumed with just routine needs. In some ways I think it made the time pass even if in a daze. I have found great comfort in being outside but, then I always liked the outdoors. As soon as you are able attempt to find someone that you can help. It will take your mind away from your loss and bring you joy besides. Maybe try being a child advocate or reading or writing for someone in a nursing home. There is so much need around us and it takes one's mind off themself. You will be surprised how good it makes you feel and how you look forward to such times.