Young Widow At 34

My charming husband departed to forever land on 16 Aug 2012, right in the palm of hands. Its now 9 months ago, but it looks like its just happened yersteday. I had many questions running in my head. Someone you had a common goals, just to wake up from his bed and never returned. It is very traumatic. I lost my sense of belonging, I cried and cried, I am still grieved, I do nt when i will get over the grieving period. But I give God the groly who strengthened me through the traumatic experience. Will I be loved again like how my husband used to love. I am lonely, I think of him here and then. I believe there is hope for them that raise the hope in the Lord Jesus CHRIST.
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1 Response May 27, 2012

I lost my husband this year to. I m very upset on god and I dont know how you can trust him after he took what you ve loved. I believe I have similar feelings regarding this difficult time. I hope it will be over, i dont know when but I hope it will be easier.<br />
Be strong and believe in what gives you hope.