It Is Not Only Me Who Misses My Wife

Reading through other peoples stories it is really only about lost spouses but do have a thought for sons,daughters,mothers,fathers,brothers and sisters and not least friends they too have lost someone.It is hard and I am alone no one very close when we have those dark times but we can and should keep going for our loved ones sake.I wish everyone the best who are going through such sad times.
sunnlad sunnlad
46-50, M
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

Thanks for sharing and I'm truly empathetic...It sounds like things have gotten better in baby steps for you judging by your other stories. I think they get better so slowly we don't even recognize it ourselves until someone tells us, "Ya know you're doing so much better than you were even a couple months ago." I laughed for the first time in 30 days yesterday, and I see this as one of those baby steps.