New Widow

I lost my husband recently. He was very sick for a lot of his life but had a strength and sense of humor that made you forget the disease. I miss him every day. I so miss the inside jokes, the love, and just having someone next to you who has your back unconditionally. I've not only lost my husband, but my best friend in the world. The loneliness is devastating.
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Wow your story sounds so similar to mine. My husband and I were married for 3 years and 13 days.. 2 hours and 35 minutes. We were together a total of 5 years. He just passed away September 25th of this year. I miss him terribly. He was a great husband to me. We had our own special bond.. our jokes that only we would get... He was my best friend. He passed from a rare illness but he was such a strong person. He never complained. He still had his hope and faith and put his trust in the good Lord. My hero

Families are eternal. They are the building blocks of heaven. If you want to understand the concept of an eternal family contact a missionary (18-21 yrs old) of the LDS (Mormon Church). Have them teach you about the restored gospel of Christ and how you can build an eternal family with your husband.