Losing My Husband

I recently lost my husband of 40 years, 9 days ago. He had been in the hospital for 6 months straight. He was ill and on the heart transplant list for 2020 days. He died of a massive stroke, it was so unexpected. Sick off and on for the last 29 years.Jack was gracious, had a great sense of humor up until the end. He was a wonderful father. He loved the Lord with all his being. I miss him so much!! We will have his memorial service in 6 days. Even tho I have a great support system, I feel so alone.
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JaxGurl I know you feel alone But a person can be alone by them self or in a room full of people. You are going through the hardest part right now. It will get better, it will pass But remember if he is in your hart he is with you always. It took me a year to realize Rosie wasn't out shopping. I even told her little dogs that to make them not worry where she was.
My Rosie she was a different kind of lady she would use a tank full of gas to save a dollar on something she needed. I never said a word about it it never matter to her she saved a dollar and that to her counted more than the gas. She was a wonderful lady she not only house broke the dogs but me too. I don't think we ever had a cross word ever, I guess the reason was that when she would start explaining something to me I would be so d a r n confused that I didn't want to carry on any more about why she would do what she would do..
So Mrs if you ever need someone to talk to I want to be a friend

I have great kids and family and brilliant friends , but it,s not the same as having your husband. It,s three weeks since my husband passed and I still feel like I might wake up and find that I dreamed it all. I don,t know how we go on but it must be possible because millions of women have done it before us. Good luck and hope you keep in touch

Hello Susiewong,
I am so sorry for your loss. I know it does seem like a dream that you want to wake up from. I am glad you have children who can support you. I have 2 sons who are very good and I know they are hurting as well. I have a great support in my life, as my husband had been sick for years and most recently the last 10 yrs of his life off and on. He was waiting for a heart transplant and was in the hospital for 6 months. He had a heart pump put in in August, went home for a week and was admitted because he was accumulating fluid that was not controlled by the pump or medication. He had a massive brain bleed due to the blood thinners he was on. It was very unexpected, we were praying for a new heart and to live a long and wonderful life. Please try and find a support system, a church, grief group to help you through this difficult time. Take care of yourself, and do keep in touch.