Missin My Love

I just lost my husband of 28 years, so lost right now so alone, love my friends for looking out for me but it doesn't change the reality that he's gone and I'm facing the future I thought would be with him now facing alone. He passed of pancreatic cancer 4 months after dx. Struggling everyday to fight for sanity as he fought so hard to stay alive for us. I miss you my love. I wish I could find a gal that is in my boat, my friends have there husbands so they can't get the pain.
Jeff123184 Jeff123184
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My heart goes out to you. I lost my husband April 30, 2012 and he too was my best friend, soul mate....He was the little neighbor boy next door when we were growing up. I haven't quite figured out the new normal but I REALLY want to choose life. I have a very blessed life but as you know the days just aren't the same. I am searching for meaning in this loss I intend to keep searching until I find my power and passion for life. I KNOW God never wastes a hurt. Hang in there, hang on you are not alone.

Hi Jeff123184,
I hope you have found some peace since your husband's passing. My husband also died from cancer, Feb 27th. Although my friends and family have not had this same experience, they have been wonderful to me and I finally have learnt to reach out to others. It isn't easy, but it's not impossible. I will go on and I will honour his memory by having a good life, that is what he really wanted for me.
Your husband loved you, he wants you to have a good life even though right now it is really hard.
Sending you peaceful thoughts,

i understand your pain i am in the same boat and so totally lost right now and no one seems to understand my husband had a massive heart attack at age 44 on christmas eve we were married 22 years and i feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest and crushed so i feel your pain

I feel your pain. I lost my husband of 20 years after only a 4 month battle with brain cancer. I miss him every day. Our 3 children look to me for help and I feel so lost

sorry for your loss. I too have a great support group, but it can still be lonely in a crowded room.

i just posted my story a few minutes ago; lost my husband (of 33 years) on 11/9/2012. You're right--even well-meaning "friends" can't help--since they have no idea what you're going through--and cannot TRULY feel or understand your pain and distress--the loneliness, emptiness, helplessness, desperation and extremely deep, dark sadness!!! nothing and no one can help. i feel like i have to just wallow through this HELL alone...

I just lost my husband 6 days ago...He passed away less than 10 days after we found out he had Cancer and that treatments were not an option .. I do understand your statement that while your friends and family are looking out for you, it does not change the fact that he is gone. We were together 25 years..Married almost 23 years. I know that eventually I will be o.k. but I am devastated and miss him so much.

He y yool be ok somehow. Read my entry about surviving the first three months. I have, and you will. But your right midlife is very hard most of the owidows in the support groups are auite a bit older and ont have kids at nhome. we have a fourteen yrear old. Shes been a real trooper but yes your friends really cant understa nd it exactly. Only us that is experiencing it. HOpe you just keep getting out there, read about this. A great book is signs of life by natalie taylor. Its helpling e know im not crazy, grief ifs real and this is not what yo guys signesd up for. your not going insane hyou are normal the pain is so bad you cant breathe someitmes. Everything changes! But some is for the good aybe. Dont give up, ok keep talking and reaching out and keep talking to your freinds. Even about studpid benign things. It makes you realize at least you can do that.

Hello, I lost my husband last year, we had been together 27 years and I know how you are feeling, I have some good friends who try to look out for me, but even though my son is still living at home, it still feels very lonely. I have taken a part time job in the evenings, just cleaning some local offices with a friend, but it has helped me loads as I am physically tired when i get home and that helps me sleep and gets me out at one of the most lonely times of the day for me. I also know what you mean about facing the future alone.. sometimes it scares the hell out of me.