It Will Be 2 Years the 21st of Febuary

I am lost husband my best friend my lover  passed away suddenly he was 35 years old we were together over 18 years was standing in 7 11 with ,y 11 year old daughter holding her hand touched his chest and dropped dead no clue ..he had a mysterious blood clot  out of no where he was 35 years old 5 ft 7 and 150 pounds perfect health never sick  or injured .they dont know where it came from. so as you may guess my world fell apeart  it was so unexpected now i am lost alone and  shocked do i move on when i still live in my past wishing i could have 1 more minute or even a clue so i would have known ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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thank you all

I too lost my husband of 28 years, 4 weeks ago. He was only 47, went to bed and was snoring. I told him to try to be quite. I woke up at 1:30 and he was quite, looked and he was blue. He had died in his sleep. I am still at a loss, we have 4 children and a grandson who are also at a loss. It is hard to go on when a part of you is missing. 28 years with someone is hard to change, you are missing your partner, I feel lost like I have no one to share things with anymore. There is a hole in your life that can not be filled. Work is about the only way I cope. It keeps my mind occupied. Also family and friends can help. I will keep you in my prayers.

I understand. I want just one moment. Just one more time to kiss my baby, hold him, and tell him, "I love you more." It is no easier even when we know that our loved one may pass soon. Soon is always sooner than we expected.<br />
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It's been about six weeks. I cry less, but I cry harder. I have not even put away the clothes that I had washed for him the morning that he passed. I'm sure we will move past this. Our loves would have wanted this.

i too have just lost my gorgeous hubby,we have been married 35 years we went to pay the motor rego and he just dropped down behind me,this happened on 4th feb,my whole life has been turned upside down,i still cant believe he wont be back,i cant sleep,there is so much to sort out,he has his own bussiness,i was not on the paperwork so have had the 2 cars,mobile phones etc reposessed,his business has been shut down.we worked together loved and laughed together, he was my best friend and im not coping well, the nights are so long, its 4.45 am here now and im wide awake after 2 sleeping pills how are we supposed to cope in this situation?

I am in the same boat. It is hard to "move on" when you lose someone who was part of who you are. I am still just trying very hard to define who I am now. I guess I can't do any moving until I figure that out.