My Soul Mate

I am recently widowed.  My husband passed away 11/23/08 from a cardiac arrest.  He had quadruple bypass on 11/18/08 on his 55th birthday, he was doing really good for five days and then Sunday night at 3:36 a.m. he went in cardiac arrest.  I just turned 59 and right now am feeling quite alone and miss him so much! We only knew each other 14 years and were married for 8 years and 4 months.  He was my companion, friend, and truly a soul mate.  He was funny, loyal and sweet. Tonight I was sitting here playing games on my computer and started crying, thinking about the homes around me with people together, enjoying each other's company, why I sit in a big empty house.  I am thinking, how do I make friends and start living again when most of my energy is spent working and trying to put the house in order to sell it. ( something I am not ready for) I need to get out of this depression.  It's only three months, will it ever end?

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3 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Take your time .Your healing process is just so personal. Moving ahead must seem unreal. I'm so sorry for your loss. Everyone's ,really. One person may begin feeling better after months. Another may be a year and some years. Take care of yourself.

it is a dreadful time and it feels like you are the only one to go through it..but sadly it is all around. Life is unfair and sometimes it makes no sense at all.<br />
It will get easier for you but when you lose a soul mate they are hard to replace.<br />
I look forward to seeing mine again one day. I am sure we all will.<br />
Until then take one day at a time and grab every opportunity to have some fun<br />

My condolences on your loss. My wife passed away last march and time does begin to heal the loss. It is slow and I am a long way from being whole, but I am certainly more at peace and feeling better than I did at three months. The loneliness too disappears slowly and with time you will mingle with others and who knows! I am not at that point as of yet but it too will come.