My Best Freind

My husband of 42 1/2 years and absolutly my soul mate pasted away may 31 2008. We did everything together down to watching the grass grow in the front yard and the paint dry on the walls in our retirement house in maryland. My soulmate. I have read some of the others experiences and I can relate to 100%. I now sold the house because to many memories I cannot bear with living there without him. I have relocated to milford connecticut and bought myself a condo, living alone. The weekends are difficult for me when I am completely alone. I need a freind or two going through the same situation as I, to hang around with or talk to, maybe meet for coffee or a little shopping as well. My daughter lives in new york and is helping me on the computer to reach you until I finally get my own computer. She (debbie) comes back and forth to keep me updated as well as on the phone. I sure hope this is ok for now? My life has done a 360, everything is completely different. I am not interested in any of those greifence groups, I stay away from that element. I feel I think I can be comfortable belonging to a group such as yours. Thank you for your time.






rusty2 rusty2
Feb 25, 2009