I Am Here.

I am recently widowed and this is such a sad, painful and rotten thing for anyone to go through. I am blessed with loving family, friends and co-workers trying to help me through this. I am hoping to find others on this site that has some sage advice on this topic.


gardenlover gardenlover
3 Responses Mar 15, 2009

g'day im sorry for your loss,it is a hard time for us when we lose someone close ,but take some comfort that we are not alone , i have found this site really helpful in shareing my feelings with others, i hope it helps you too.xx

Hello, Gardenlover,<br />
There is a lot of people on this site with stories to tell. As far as sage advice, it's more like sharing our painful stories to feel release and to be reassured that you're not the only one with the thoughts and feelings that go with that pain.<br />
I know from experience that sometimes you just know no one else feels like you and the whole world doesn't care, because it keeps going when your world has stopped. <br />
I hope you find the stories shared here inspiring and helpful in your journey. I know it has helped me tremendously. <br />
Be careful. Be wise. My prayers and hope to you as well.

My condolences on your loss. I am at the first anniversary of the passing of my wife. Everyone has their own strategies that work best for them and none of them are easy. Do what works best for you and there are many here ready to talk or listen depending on what you need.