My Husband

On September 7, 2009 I called an ambulance for my husband as he was in so much pain he could hardly breath. The ambulance took him to a hospital near our house and after three days a few tests later they told us he was bleeding from the adrenal gland and it would heal on its own. We came home and that night his fever went up to 106.0, I rushed him to the hospital we normally go to and where all our doctors are and they admitted him. He stayed in the hospital for about 2 weeks for testing. We were then told my huband had cancer, lymphnoma of the adreal glands. We shouldn't worry because this type of cancer was very treatable. A month later in October 2009, I lost my dad to cancer as well, all while my husband was also undergoing chemo. My husband had 2 stages of chemo, he then had a scan in December which showed that one side had dimenished but the other side had grown. The doctors decided they were not going to do the third stage of chemo but were going to do radiation first, once they were able to reduce the cancer they were then going to do a stem cell transplant and the third stage of chemo. We went for the markings for radiation and they were going to call us within 2 weeks to start the radiation when his parents heard about this treatment in cuba called the "blue scorpian venom" from this renowned doctor. My husband wanted to do anything to get better for us and the kids. He decided he was going to go. He was to leave on a sunday, on the saterday he was swallon so I called the oncologist on call and he prescribed my husband a diretic but said although the swelling was most likely due to the steroids it could also be due to many other things as well and if the swelling didn't go done in 2 days he needed to go back to the hospital. The next day my mother and sister inlaw took him on a plane to Cuba. We said goodbye at the airport as I pleaded him not to go. He hugged and kissed the kids telling them he loved them. We hugged and kissed as we cried, he told me he had to go, he had to try anything to get better for us so that we could get on with our lives and be a family. I watched him walk to the gate slowly as he was in pain, I never thought that that would be the last time I saw him. The following Thursday he had his sister call her dad to have him tell me my husband wanted me to know he was ok. Friday morning on Feburary 5, 2010 I got a call my husband had passed away. His body filled with water and he had a heart attack. He was 36 years old. I am broken, I don't know how to go on without him, i miss him so much, my kids miss their daddy. I feel lost and empty. Everyone asks "Is there anything I can do for you"  I wish I could have him back. We were together 16 years, married 14 years.

Bellisima911 Bellisima911
36-40, F
Feb 28, 2010