Strange Days

**** faced. I was going to go to a basketball game tonight (the good guys won, without me in attendance)  but it turns out there was a conspiracy to keep me from going. My wine glass kept getting topped off and by the time I caught on the game had already started and anyways I was too polluted to drive anyway. Its a good thing I was just next door, I let em get me sauced pretty good. I have wonderful neighbors, and for tonight I will give up on keeping track of who loves who, who is on the outs, who wants me to want who, who is my designated date, who wants me to think what; and I will just say that I had a wonderful evening. We ate, we played, we sang. I saw parents loving their children, i saw a pregnant teenager loving her mother, I saw a newlywed couple who were incredibly in love and I flirted with a luscious sexy  woman who had to get drunk before her boyfriend showed up. What was so wonderful was seeing a mother pet her sleeping child the same way that i pet my cat. Think about that.  Do we really need children, or would a cat do just as well? What is so cool is realizing that love happens; that all these relationships can succeed or fail regardless of what I think or do. I walk away with only the love i saw tonite ( and the love I saw was awesome in spite of all the undercurrents).

 So this is the wine talking. White wine, Anakena sauvignon blanc, one of my favorites, who knows what I would be saying if it was a red wine.  6 months after losing my wife and I can go out and not turn into a puking crybaby - I would have to say that this is a sign of progress.

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4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

That is definitely progress.<br />
I have both a cat and a child (...even though she's all grown up) and I have to say, a cat is great company, but not the best at conversation...and sometimes you just need to hear another voice. ;)

I'm glad to see you are making progress bperry. Would it be better to have a cat? No... it's not.....

Thank you LR & claraella, it was a really fun night.

I am happy you are getting better and it sounds like a fun night i dont know you but you can always message me k