I went out today with my bestie.My dad is extremely strict. He beat me a couple of times for coming home late. And today I was reckless i told him my friend was going to pick me up. He stood by the door and told me "before you go grab all your **** that you need because in this house no one comes home past 12am" walked right out he yanked my keys from my hands and pushed me and I went to my friend's car. Spent the whole night with my bestie talking about things. It was 4am I knew there was no going back. Stayed at her house. This is a big deal since I never slept over someone's house (dad doesn't allow that either) anyways the thing is, I love my parents and I love the life they have given me (my car, the roof over my head, and their car insurance) but I can't live with myself knowing that I'm trapped, because that's how I feel... I'd rather live in shity apartment and work two jobs rather than persuade my dream in becoming a dental hygienist. How do I approach them? What would make them accept the fact that I will go out on weekends?
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Not to judge or anything, but your father sounds abusive.