Appendix Removal Turned Into Colon Resection

I went to the ER with minor abominal pain and after a CAT scan I was scheduled for immediate surgery to remove my appendix.  However, when they went in with the laproscope they found that I had a major infection of my large intestine.  They changed the incision from a small 1/4" to over 12" straight down my abdomen.  They cut off 6" of my large intestine as part of the colon resection.

I was in the hospital for a week and have been out for 2 weeks now.  I still have pain from the incision and periodic pain from my stomach but it hasn't been too bad.

I do get tired easily and it's hard for me to maintain a normal sleep schedule.  My incision doesn't look that but the surgeon says it's fine and not infected.  I had the 32 staples removed a few days ago though they forgot the 2 stapes I have on my side from the original incision.

I have been given a prescription for hydrocodone but haven't taken it since the pain hasn't been that bad.

I hope I can get my energy back soon and that the remaining pain will go away.



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1 Response Feb 15, 2009

I'd say I was fully recovered 6 weeks after the procedure since that was the last time I had a followup with my surgeon. Pain completely disappeared by then too and I have had no issues or had to make any changes so I consider this completely behind me now.<br />
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I hope others undergoing this procedure have as quick a recovery.