I have been self harming since I think 3rd grade. Started using fingernails to break skin...but eventually it went a lot further....among other forms of self harm...Now I am starting my first year in college and I am a dancer...Hiding it is so hard as a dancer. It's one of my main reasons for stopping...but I keep relapsing...I need some help some advice on how to recover easier.
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If you do it to see blood like me write on your wrists in red marker.Also ask for help it may seem scary at first but try telling à friend Thats what I did.She saved my life.So get help it may save your life

I am glad to hear that you are recovering/wanting to recover. Maybe you can think about and write down the things that causes your triggering or that make you want to relapse. Also think about why you do not want to cut. For example: because you dance, and you do not want people asking you questions, or being confronted to why you are wearing long sleeves, when it is hot outside. As well as since you want to recover ( well I always felt guilty after I cut, you may or may not feel the same). <br />
Sorry if I am babbling. Taking it one day at a time is a good way to make recovering easier, so you don't get to overwhelmed with everything. When I feel like cutting, I try to keep myself distracted by doing things, like cleaning my room, washing dishes, reading a book, watching t.v or writing in a journal. Sometimes if I'm alone I will walk or drive to see friends or go to the bookstore so i am just not alone. I hope this helps.