Cutting Away the Memories.......

I am sixteen and I have decided that it would be best if I recovered from cutting.  It is bringing me nothing to gain and everything to lose.  I have lost friends.  I have lost families trust over lying about it.  But, most importantly I lost myself and who I was.  I'm going on a journey to find myself again in a cut free world.  I have tried many times and failed.  Which is why I'm calling it a journey.  I know that with support I can do it.  I need to find what it is that triggers me and when I do find some way to get the feeling out.  I hope for the best of anyone who is also recovering and those who aren't recovering, but are cutters are able to see how much pain can be earased by earaseing this.  I know it might not feel like it, but it's true.  You are stronger then you know.  Just try it and test your faith in yourself.  I'm sure you can find happieness.  Just reach with outstreched arms and you WILL make it through. 
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i love it! its a long road but we will all make it

She should find a good friend to help you throught i stoped it was hard but i woulg think to myself i need to stop and every time i would pick up tjat razor i would tell myself no and thats wht you should do to joped i could help

im trying to stop maybe we can help each other

I am right there with you.<br />
I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I have dealt with anorexia for years.<br />
I am amidst a relapse, and it is kicking my a**!<br />
I wish I had easy answers, but I can say - PLEASE end this deadly cycle while you are young!<br />
I have wasted countless years that I cannot even remember raising my kids & not really living life at all.<br />
Anorexia is such an isolated life!<br />
And, in the end, why do we even get sucked into this again?<br />
I will pray for you & please pray for me. But, like you - I am not ready to stop losing weight yet?<br />
It's so hard to let go of this demon!<br />
The voices - yes, the dreadful voices that plague us every second!<br />
You are beautiful and I stayed well for a few years realizing that it is what is inside that counts! The outside is just a shell that holds what is our inner being! It does not matter what the outside looks like!<br />
Break the stronghold anorexia has on you now & run away from it as hard & fast as you can the rest of your life!<br />
I want to hear from you so email me anytime!

Thank you sweetie!

hey sweety that is awesome that you are going forward towards growth and healing ... cutting is an addiction I was there ... if you ever need any help let me know .. there is awonderful tool called a WRAP plan ( wellness recovery action plan ) you can get it on and it is very useful