What Happened and Whats Happening

well... i haven't cut in a while... it was really hard to stop, but now that i  have im scared every little thing will give me the urge to cut. but about 2 months ago i was cutting in my bathroom and i got 3 viens. i almost bled to death but my brother walked in and brought me to the ER. then he made me go to some type of rehab. which sucked beyond all belief!! but no im out and i have stitches on my left wrist all the way up to the crease of my elbow. but now i haven't cut in 2 months!!! hopefully i wont.

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Wow I am happy that you have not cut in so long! congrats!

Recovering from cutting is a very difficult process. Dont let anyone tell you different, Its going to take time patients and willingness. People who dont want to stop arent going to stop. Im recovering from cutting, and i havent done it in about 9 months. And I myself am suprised everyday that I have made it this long. Keep your head up, and have faith. <br />