Cant Stop

Okay so im really new to this or sharing my storie to people.
I started cutting when i was 12 adn i stoped for  a year but then after that i got into a realationship of a boyfriend who just made me feel like **** all the time.And i started getting abused at 12 by my brother and my parents didnt believe what i said because they like him better. Anyways i started with just a couple a month but after it got worse i started doing my whole arm in one night. My parents never knew or saw them. But one of my friends told there parents adn my mom found  out.but she didnt care only she cared when people brought it up to her and she acted like she cared. And then is stop for a month adn started agian i have scars all over my arm, i have lost some friends because they think im crazy and i need help. One night got really bad were my mom made fun of me and started yelling at me so i took my razor out right infront of her and just did the biggest cut of my life and it wouldnt stop bleeding she just looked at me and said that i couldnt be her daughter.And we told my doctor and if i do anymore cutting i have to go to the phyc word or get sevre treatment so i started cutting on my hip and ankle. I just cant stop i've had counseling and im on depression pills and im giong to a doctor but nothing helps i dont know what to do.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I cut for ten years of my life. It is not easy to quit, but it is possible. You have to know that your life is important. If you are feeling unwanted, untrusted, un-needed, whatever you are missing, it is possible to regain. It will take hard work and preservation, but you CAN do it! Trust me!

it sucks it really does i can relate so much i canot stop cutting either im at stage i dont even like it but i do it anyway