Still Craving It

It's been a glorious three years since I've cut - a great rise out of a depth of despair I put myself in.  I honestly have a great life with people that love me, friends that would do anything for me.  I'm in the middle of jobs, trying super hard not to freak out about my future, while at the same time, balancing my apparent non-existent feelings about my boyfriend.  Everything is spiraling like crazy; I'm craving that feeling of control I used to get when I sliced my skin.  I'm not going to, but God I want to.  I need someone to tell me I'm doing a good job, that it will be alright, and that things will get better...

whitters114 whitters114
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Yes, yes! Go for it! -- as in, keep up the effort. Strengthening yourself in one area will only make you stronger as a whole. Congratulations... three years is a long time to go without cutting. (-:

Not to be trite, but you are doing a good job! If it has been three years, you are absolutely doing a good job. That is a huge success which has been mirrored in how you are doing in other areas. Not to say that if things got messed up that you were messed up. We all need encouragement I guess. Here is a little *pat* on the back.