4 Weeks Post Op Increased Pain At Night

Had biceps tendonesis, glenohumeral debridement, subacromial decompression, distal clavicle excision done 12/17/12. Wore sling only to get home as had nerve block. The first two weeks were not intolerable with regular pain pills, staying in a recliner, and continued use of GameReady ice machine (30 mins on 30 mins off). Started Phase 1 PT the day after surgery, and Phase 2 on day 11 post op, as well as had to return the ice machine and chose to stop narcotics. PROBLEM:

Since then I have had increased pain in the day and much worse pain at night. I am so discouraged but the Dr and PT and OT say I am doing remarkably well. The lack of sleep is making it so hard to cope. I have tried going to a bed with pillows, going back to the recliner, taking Melatonin, taking warm baths, and doing deep breathing. Dr says I can take Ambien but I am afraid of dependency.

It feels like the pace of the PT and the lack of pain control is inhibiting my healing. Does anyone out there have any words of advice? God bless all who are suffering and I know many worse than myself.
RobinRosePetal RobinRosePetal
56-60, F
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Addendum: Now 6 weeks post op and physical therapist changed some of the exercises which seemed to be making things much worse. Shoulder pain is like a bad sprain, achy feeling but have lots of muscle spasms in back/neck area all day and worse at night. Had a sports massage and was totally pain free everywhere for about 4 hours so I know the surgery is not the problem. This is quite a process!