Could Use Someone To Talk To - Labrum Tear Repair Surgery After Dislocation Of Shoulder

So I just had surgery last Weds. Wow, the pain is getting to me! I'm having difficult sleep, probably because I don't usually sleep in a seated position ::: sarcasm::::: I find myself extremely trouble by the inability to use my arm. On top of that I feel that no one really understands the emotions that come with this long healing process. I feel it would be nice to talk to someone who has gone or is going through the same.
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I am so sorry you are hurting. I have been recovering from surgery for the past 6 weeks. The challenges seem to change as the process evolves, but I will tell you that for the first 2- 1/2 weeks my very best pain control method was to faithfully use the GameReady ice machine for 30 mins on and 30 mins off 24/7. It was available to rent at the hospital after surgery and I almost declined as it is not covered by my insurance. ($250) It basically has a large shoulder cuff that circulates icy cold water and compresses the area on a timer. There are other brands and Amazon carries types of lesser quality for sale which may be helpful. Also, I was advised to take a pain pill when the level was 2-3 in order to stay ahead of it. I believe the ice machine helped me not take as much medication during the time I was renting it. Now I use Aleve during the day and Ambien to sleep.

The emotional part is really tough and the surgery is unique to each, so it often feels very isolating. I understand. Even the physical therapist seems unable to comprehend some of the issues and I am experienced with physical pain both chronic and acute so this surprises me. Speak up and communicate your symptoms clearly and calmly to as many professionals as necessary until you get some assistance in dealing with your recovery.

To help pass the time and divert my focus I began a new hobby. I pray. My husband is very supportive and once I completely broke down and bawled with dispair. Please know you are not alone and I wish you well.


Hey man how are ya?I had my labrum surgery 3 weeks ago and feeling pretty good now,I had an open repair where the labrum was anchored back onto the bone. I has dislocated my shoulder twice and subluxated at least 10 times..Sleeping on my back at the moment propped up with pillows..Any questions feel free to ask.