Somebody's Something

I went from being somebody's daughter to somebody's wife.  And then I was somebody's mother.  Somebody's employee.  Somebody's volunteer.  It was a lot of somebody's somethings and it all filled my life, but now the roles have shifted a bit and I have realized I have time to  Still the daughter to elderly parents, but my role is slowly shifting to that of the parent.  Still the mother to my children, but as they have reached adulthood they need me in different ways.  Still the wife and volunteer and worker but now there is more me in those roles.  It's as if, by rediscovering myself, I've brought more to my every day connections.

I've certainly brought more to my connection with myself.  I'm learning new things, tackling a new language, trying out a new hobby.  Why?  Because those things interest me.  I haven't spent much time doing anything that really interested me in years.  In far too many years.  Why did I lose sight of filling my own emotional bucket?

Life got busy, I guess, and the role of being somebody's something took up a lot of time.  I don't necessarily have more time now, but I'm learning to create it.  To give that time to myself and to rediscover the things that matter.  I like the woman I'm finding in the process.  I like the rediscovery of me.


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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Thank you, PuzzleGuy! Got a new career going, this really is an exciting time. Whoo Hoo!