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Nutritionist Needed

I am really in need of someone who can help me become healthier.  I am lousy at cooking, picking out healthy foods when shopping, and really knowing what is good for you.  I am mainly looking for heart healthy foods, and foods that help with cholesterol, as I do have a family history of heart attacks and stroke. 

I've tried many books but feel lost with all the different opinions from the authors.  Exercise tips would be appreciated too.

Optimisticgirl Optimisticgirl 36-40, F 1 Response Jan 9, 2008

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Wow, all these months and no comments! I hope you have maintained your interest.<br />
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My first recommendation is to cook less. Just eat more food that is not cooked. Salads are easy and fun and nutritious. Foods of every color of the rainbow, as fresh as you can possibly get them. Don't use those dressings in a jar! Get olive oil, and either lemon juice or vinegar, put some herbs (I like oregano and basil) mix it up and pour it on. A lot more oil than the vinegar. My mom uses just olive oil. Spices are great and nutritious.<br />
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My second recommendation is, if you eat cooked food, to cook with as low a heat as possible. If you want chicken or fish or other meats, bake them. Frying creates carcinogens. <br />
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And lastly, drink water, tea (green if you like it) with lemon and sweeten lightly. Don't take in too much sugar as you could develop insulin resistance. This is a HUGE problem in this country and the cause of most of the obesity we see. Fruits are your best source of sugar. Honey is good in moderation as well. But refined sugar is evil.....<br />
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And lastly, this is the hardest, try to limit breads, pastas and other refined grains. Even "whole wheat" bread has refined grain. Crackers and snack foods with refined flour (pretzels, etc) are also really bad. OK a few pretzels on the plane isn't going to kill you, but a half a bag in front of the TV will go straight to fat. <br />
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The big thing that most folks don't get is that SUGAR can convert to FAT (if it is not used) and that dietary FAT is broken down into Essential Fatty Acids that are essential to health. Your body will even convert fat to glucose in the absence of simple sugars!! <br />
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I hope this helps. As for exercise, walking is a good place to begin.