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I used to be an extremely large woman.  A little over 3 years ago I had this awakening in my life and I have lost over 250 pounds.   Although bariatric surgery may be an option for some I didn't want that for myself so I started watching everything I ate and exercising daily.  I haven't had any processed food, sugar, or red meat since that day.  I watch the number of carbs, fat, calories, and protein that I intake on a daily basis.  I am almost obsessed with never going back to where I was when I started.  Another plus of losing the weight slowly like I did is that it gives your body time to recover and therefore you do not end up with the excess skin that sometimes will happen when one loses weight too quickly.  Before I lost my weight I was very down on myself and didn't believe I deserved good things in my life.  Now I know that I was beautiful all along and that I just didn't realize it.  The negative thing about the weight loss is that I had to learn again how to politely turn down some of the aggressive advances that I get from men now.  I wasn't too good at this at first but all the weight loss has made me VERY confident and I am getting better at it every day.   (Teehee what a bad negative huh?)  I am enjoying life so much more thanks to my awakening to good nutrition!!!!

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Congrats to you on your achievement. It a beautiful thing when you take control over your mind, body, and soul. Of course, supplemented with will, drive, and resilience to live on your terms and conditions.

Maybe you might wanna try going vegan

You inspire me!! I love hearing about your dedication to your health & the results you achieved! You got even more out of the effort than you imagined. This was the inspiration I needed at this moment, to begin tracking my food / calories / Macro nutrients. That and being more consistent with exercise.

Good job! That's what I am trying to do also, not only for my health, but so I can ride roller coasters again.

Good riddance to all that weight and good job!<br />
<br />
I've lost 20 pounds by making sure I get my daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables first and foremost(that way I don't eat quite as much sweet,fattening or high calories foods because I'm not quite as hungry after eating all my fruits and vegetables)

i would love to chat with you about absorption after surgery. i am having a huge problem with vitamins and food etc. did you have any problems like this.

thats completely awesome! my girlfriend is in the same situation, however her journey has only just begun. we are both on the path to a healthier lifestyle as we tend to feel like garbage all of the time. we have cut out red meat and most processed food and we are going to adopt a mostly vegan lifestyle for a while to see how that works out. after that we may slowly introduce things like chicken and fish back into our diet occasionally. its inspirational to know that this can be done. thanks for sharing!

WOW!<br />
Just ~ W O W ~<br />
<br />
i had absolutely no clue!<br />
That inspires me because you see I have always been pretty tiny like 99 pounds and i feel HUGE at around 136. Please do NOT think I am being in any way light of this, I am SO amazed....<br />
<br />
I wish i knew how to have that much control of not only the junk i eat but the way i let men (exs) mainly degrade / control me<br />
I saw a ad on tv today i think it was actually one of those infomercials about how anxiety can overrun your life and YOU have to be in control. I have seen it before but (strange) right? I always like this particular ad because they come out of a "down on myself" funk into a light. <br />
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Im so happy for your accomplishment!!!

Awesome! No matter how much weight you need to lose, those are the basics you need to follow. I lost 25 pounds recently, and basically did the same thing. I have a goal of 10 more pounds, and then I will be at my ideal weight for me. I also added a lot of exercise to the mix which is a must.<br />
<br />
It is all about attitude, committment, and dealing with the underlying emotional issues of what causes a person to comfort with food.

Wow I it's hard to believe you were so large once upon a time. It must have taken you a lot of effort to lose so much weight. What kept you motivated and going through the difficult parts? How did you find the will power to accomplish this?

If i was so handsome i would be rejected so much. Everyone tells me how great i am, but then why is it no one wants me? I think society sucks.

You will do it. You are already very handsome.

Story 12 - yeah it sucks i have to lose weight myself not just for the military, but so someone will actually want me.

heres the best information I can share...<br />
<br />
<br />
google it.. and look on you tube.. it will shock you

I feel so much more happy longrun. I have a little more weight to lose but I am so much more healthy than I was previously. You are right that my journey was to be more healthy and really had nothing to do with a physical appearance so much. You are awesome too LG. Thanks for your comments.

Mil, I see someone has missed some meals and is feeling a bit cranky. It is a lot more than about looks Mil but superficial persons wouldn't understand this fact.

"Now I know that I was beautiful all along and that I just didn't realize it"<br />
then why aren't you still fat if you were so beautiful all the time. why living in a struggle and obsession when you can be fat and happy? hypocrit

This is just wrong. She put her self out there. So stfu

Hi there! I am on for a few minutes. I had to hit the gym earlier.

Thats what i do too. I love to be of help. I cant wait to get to know you too

Thanks bunches. As I told you that is just what I do. I look forward to getting to know you.

aww i hope so. That would be amazing! Thanks for being so nice to me after just a short space of time. Im here for you too if you ever need me x

Thanks HB. Just wait.... 6 months from now you will be writing something just as amazing. I know you can do this. I will help you I promise.

So lovely and refreshing to hear you happy with your body. i find this very inspiring!!! Well done : )

You are welcome. If you want help to change that please PM me. I will add you so that you can.

I was feeling lonely today. I always do on a long weekend so I typed in lonely on google and your message popped up. I had to laugh because I am very overweight and feel lonely because of it. However, I think that I keep the weight on because I do not want the advances for some reason. So I wanted to tell you that it was nice to read your post. Thanks for sharing.

You can say that again.

Awesome that helps too.

Actually if you keep tummy butter and take vitamin. they shrink along with your weight. You just have to focus on keeping the skin moisturized. Not offended at all btw as I know that some of my friends that had the bariatric surgery have some purple ones but that is because they lost the weight really fast.<br />
<br />
Kindal, sorry I missed your comments. thanks sweetie.

Thanks searching

this is beautiful! so empowering and positive!

Thanks Brax. I am still a work in process every day. I go to the gym but sometimes I am not motivated. It is just a good thing that I have friends that will come looking for me if I dont show up. I can't work out this week though and it is killing me.

Thanks Snowflake.

Wow, Your story is so impressive and inspiring. I am in awe.

thansk DM! Your words inspire me to keep going.

Your story is so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing! I have lost 60 lbs. over the last year and went from being a chubby extremely out of shape guy to a lean, toned dude about to run a half marathon. I have been larger my entire life, so this is the first time I've seen myself as I really am - and I still cannot believe what I see in the mirror. In fact, I still think of myself as fat - it's so hard to change the way I perceive myself after so many years. I used to have dreams of being skinny, only to wake up to my overweight depressing reality. Now the opposite happens. I dream I'm fat, only to wake up to my dream reality. Yet, there is a part of me that doesn't want to believe - a part of me that is afraid I won't be able to keep it off. It is a constant battle every day to deny myself the food I enjoy, eat healthy alternatives, and exercise instead. Stories like yours help keep me going. It also helps that my wife tells me all the time how attractive I am. :)

Wow! It was this morning i made a consult appointment for a lap band consult, I read your story and cancelled my appointment and decided i would try your way. Thank you. Was it any particular diet?

YAAAAY --- I have tears in my eyes because I lost my sister to gastric bypass... she was only 38. Thank you for showing that it can be done in a healthy manner! Sounds like you have made LIFESTYLE changes, not just gone "on a diet"... wishing you much joy!

Thanks for being an inspiration. Reading this pushed me not to give up.

Yee-haw sister!! You are an utter inspiration! You should post some of the stuff you did in the nutrition/weight loss groups. I was answering some questions yesterday and I saw they have quite a few. =) <br />
<br />
You are spectacular! If them boys don't leave you alone.... Just do what I do: pepper spray 'em in the face, punch 'em in the ney-neys, and run away!!! LOL!<br />
<br />
I hope you share more of your journey with us. I thought about skipping my morning run but I am re-energized to do so now! Thanks FunChica

Thanks Alli! I struggle every day of my life not to go back. I appreciate the support.

Congradulations :)<br />
<br />
Meat is good for you though :)

I am so proud of you bass.

I battle with it everyday. A lot of the people around me can eat what they want and not gain weight. If I could do that I'm sure I would be (and have) too. That is the worst torture. I too am winning the war but not in the inspiring way that you have. Thanks for inspiring me.<br />
<br />

MMMM big dog for tht I will let you sleep on the foot of the bed tonight. LOL

TY mother!!!! I am happy for you and your little one. You have so much courage and you work so hard. TY for being my friend.

It tries hard to control us. I just woke up one day and took over the control and I don't allow it or anything else to have power over me.

Well Ms. Cool Chick I am everyone's friend..... Add me to the list of yours!!!! I try to be a very positive person and the reason I am on EP is to meet interesting people. I am not looking for a CYBER S*Xbuddy and I am not looking for someone to rescue me... I want friends. I want to be able to touch peoples' lives whenever possible so the more the merrier.

we should be friends.. maybee you could help me with this depressing life I live...Glad you were able to acheive many people only dream of it.. I know I do.

Thanks for the support guys! It really is a struggle every day of my life.

great story, learned something today about weight lost.

Thanks for sharing. That is so inspiring.