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About a month ago, my boss gave me a book "Eat this, not that" and I was amazed that some of the things I was eating that I thought was a "healthy choice" were actually horrible!  It inspired me to purchase a diet book by the same author called "The Abs Diet", and this book has changed the way I look at eating.

I was an extremely skinny child and teenager, not thin, skinny.  Bones showing skinny.  I hated it, and was pretty happy, when in my early 20's I started to gain weight.  Unfortunatly for me, it came all in my belly, and in the 20+ years since then, I have had 2 children by c-section, lost and gained and lost and gained etc., but my big problem area has always been my middle.

I have followed the guidelines in "The Abs Diet" for about 3 weeks now, and I have lost 6 pounds. I would like to lose 20 more, but mostly I want to be healthier.  I have found  I have more energy (and boy, do I need it) and I am sleeping better too.  I am NEVER hungry, which I always thought was a major factor in losing weight (if you ain't starvin', you aint losin). 

I am really interested in recipes.  Healthy ones that my kids will eat too, because I'm not running a cafeteria.  Please send me any that you like, and I am happy to share the ones I have found successful in my family.

Next step - exercise.

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Thanks Squiggle. I will give them a try :)

Thanks Stratos. The Abs Diet is pretty much the same way, and it was pretty easy to follow too. I am having an extra dose of stress at the moment which keeps my attention away from food and what I know I should and shouldn't be eating. I will let you know when I pick it up though, as I said, some motivation in that direction may be just what I need to get back on track.

Silver - the abs diet book says cardio is not the ticket, but weight training... but agrees with you that if the nice abs are covered in fat that no one will ever see them! lol<br />
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Bass, JJ and Mello ~ I think I will pass on the helmet for now... Ya'll have scared me! LMAO!!!<br />
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Thanks Stratos, another book I should be reading... as for the gym, well, no thanks. Got enough on my "plate" at the moment... lol

That would make her Mellow Yellow -lol

Where exactly are you wearing your helmet girl?-lol

You know what people who sell these Ab scuplting material never tell you??<br />
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To loose that fat around your belly.... there is one solution. Run (cardio). That burns fat the quickest. Your abs will be huge.... but if they are covered by skin fat... no one will ever see them

Thanks Mello, I will check that out. I have been off paying so much attention to it lately, because I am going through some really stressful stuff (excuses, excuses) but it may be just the thing to get me motivated again! Hugs girl.

Maybe you should send her a coffee crisp? I mean, it may make her so happy she forgets to be so territorial about the helmets... <br />
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Never mind, just send me one, you know, just in case I need a pick me up... In fact, I would rather have another one hand delivered, because those come with a hug. Just sayin... :)

She's always marking her territory-lol

I never use that dang helmet anyway... I think someone might have peed in it! <br />
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*cough* *cough* Jessie... will fall to the power of the crisp-lol<br />
Your helmet cannot protect you!!!!!

Coffee Crisps are the exception... and some white chocolate too, but they are the exception and no longer the rule... With me, anyway... With you, it's just la la la la la... lol

I can't hear you la la la la la la la la *fingers in ears* la la la la la<br />
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Does this mean you don't want any more coffee crisps? :)

Dark Chocolate is actually a mood lifter and is good for you, provided you don't eat too much of it, which I tend to do :)<br />
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White chocolate is not even chocolate, no coco, and is actually a depressant, believe it or not. And dude, I really loved white chocolate too, but I gave it up, and the milk and stick to dark these days.<br />
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So, all that being said, hope I didn't burst any Bass bubbles...

Chocolate is healthy right? I mean coco beans grow on trees and trees are nature and nature is healthy....right? Please don't burst this bubble if it isn't so-lol