Just Laboring Over Bmr And Other Sports / Engery Expeniture Calculations


 anyway.  finally worked it out

total est. sweat loss = (a-b) + (c+d)

a = weight before exercise
b= water consumed during exercise
d=water urinated during or after exercise

then the sweat rate is (L/hr or ml/min) = total estimated sweat loss
                                                                        elapsed time of exercise

and most of these calculations mean nothing to me ... its too technical for my dull brain  I am more interested in the anatomy stuff and chemical synthesis (but even the chemical biology is technical)

I am interested in hormones and amino acids and cell differentiation 

I still don't know all the real in-depth things on organelle of the cells ... and I still don't really understand basic stuff of my diagrams on ATP when it gets so technical or dna and amino acids metabolism --- that is something I want to understand more...

I would love to do a slower paced senior level chemistry course with maths ... I am not really confident at it but I want to.

already a lot of what I have done has not sunk into the brain in long term memory banks shall we say. being as simple as I am.
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May 11, 2012