I Love Learning About How Our Bodies Tick

I'm fascinated about why we evolved the way we did, and about how the way we live now does or doesn't suit our bodies.

I love to feel good and I want to stay healthy as long as I can. One of the easiest ways to accomplish that is to understand nutrition.

One size definitely does not fit all with nutrition, as far as I can tell. For instance, my partner has the metabolism of a bird and does best if she eats a little bit every three or four hours. My metabolism is like molasses: if I eat lunch at noon, I'm not going to be hungry again much before 7.

I'd be interested in talking with people here about what you've figured out that works well over the long haul.
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Juice fast honey its a great way to detoxify your body of all waste products, I'm not saying do it all the time but its a great way to shed a few pounds off weekly .and if you ever get a chance look up Tibetan medicine you might find some very interesting stuff :)

Eat, be fat and be happy. <br />
Or don't eat and be skinny and be happy.<br />
<br />
As long as your happy it all doesn't matter.

I have a bachelor's degree in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. Had to take many classes on sports nutrition. Learned the basics of human metabolism and all it encompasses. The scientific studies DO show that eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours DO keep your metabolism turned up...and better yet, it keeps your blood sugar on an even keel (which means you will have steady energy without the ups and downs). Of course, ALL of this depends upon what foods and drinks you consume. Important also is the fact that even though you consume food more frequently, you should still maintain the same amount of calories that are recommended for your sex, age, height, and weight (be that to lose, maintain, or gain weight).

re: the face/skin comments, aloe vera is wonderful, straight from the plant as a general skin moisturiser, healer. it can feel a bit sticky but you can put it on as a face mask and rinse it off in the morning. it's also brilliant for burns and am noticing a difference with sunspots. <br />
<br />
taking zinc supplements helps my skin and silica. drinking peppermint tea each day seems to make it look clearer or fresher or something. <br />
<br />
if you are getting acne, the type and position of it on the face gives you clues as to your internal health and whether it's from a build up of toxins or hormonal cause, etc. <br />
<br />
if it's an overload on any of the organs such as colon, liver etc, you can de-tox and cleanse from the inside out to clear the skin that's trying to do that for us and just can't keep up. <br />
trying to think of some of the visible clues, generally colon overload can sit like big sore pimples around the chin and neck area. liver can show under the eyes as dark areas (I'll have to find the info as brown and black under the eyes are related to liver and colon but can't think which way is which) <br />
the tongue will give clues if you see the outline of your teeth marks in the side of the tongue when it swells. (again not sure but think those signs on side of tongue is liver and inside front bottom lip is related to kidney, really not sure - i'd best do some of the memory remedies:)<br />
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heaps of simple options for de-toxing like pure natural foods, herbal teas, drink chlorophyll (from the health shop) or aloe vera juice, can go for colonic irrigation/colonic hydrotherapy - giving your colon a rinse from the inside. water with a squirt of lemon juice first thing in the morning (30 days on, 30 days off) or a dash of apple cider vinegar in warm water.<br />
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if it's from a hormonal cause, all the de-toxing will help as that helps balance the system. i find hormone stuff the most challenging. am using kelp, tyrosine, selenium to support my thyroid (as have thyroid nodules) but generally find that getting back to basic, good healthy foods and exercise gets my skin clearer again. saunas are great too if you keep up lots of water with it

Type your comment here...avairongate you would need to be more specific as to what it is on your face needs healing. Healing the skin, our largest organ, is a good place to start your research. If you live in a city, you may simply need to get clean air.<br />
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Someone said something about guessing diet pills are good, no, not very likely. The ingredients of diet pills have always been something like amphetamines. There are plenty of other ways to get rid of or even satisfy hunger. None of which is a good way to lose weight unless the person is clinically obese. Otherwise stick to exercise, balanced nutrition, eating only until you are no longer hungry stop before you are full. Discipline, determination, patience and will are not found in a pill, if someone needs to loose weight they are better off expressing/developing these characteristics. That said if your 900 pounds and cant get out of bed while monitoring your heart i would administer you amphetamines myself, actually i would use ephedra the plant, but that gets my point across.<br />
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I love nutrition/herbology/ tcm, along with other "self help" skills these should be taught to our young so that over our lives we can not only further the advancement of knowledge in these areas but take care of ourselves, a lot of youth dont understand how much eating fast food is going to affect them when they are 50 years old, they havent been there so its not really easy to perceive/ most people cant deal with something unless its immediate.<br />
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Keep it up its a rewarding area to have as an interest.

I would like to find out what works best to heal your face. I am trying lots of fruits and vegetables..Any suggestions? And of course lots of water..

I would like to find out what works best to heal your face. I am trying lots of fruits and vegetables..Any suggestions? And of course lots of water..

I'm so sorry,I had to largh."Heal you face" why ws up ?

Learn Chinese Medicine-based nutrition. Five Elements cycle and Zang-Fu organ relations pretty much explains epi-genetics, disease and emotional dispositions along with implying that {topological location creates culture}<br />
[geography limits: weather, staple food breeds which all impart/guide quality of mental/emotional activity, perception of reality which in a population creates culture and tempers all of human experience....all these affect the nature of how the organs and thus mind act and evolve over generations. Location, location, location.] It's a little like coming to see all of physical reality as part of some electro-chemical machine that was set off at some point bilions of years ago, d/evolved into ever more complex and novel manifestations, and that now with this understanding of Chinese Medicine you can actually tamper with on a daily, human level without going to some cheek-swabbing scientist. Really empowering.

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I feel the same way. I'm beginning college in about two weeks and I defiantly know I want to do something in health but I'm not sure what I should be. What you stated defiantly puts in words how I feel.

I think we have a quorum!<br />
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Using smaller meals to speed up the metabolism is very interesting - I'm going to experiment with that and report back to the committee.

Yeah me too! I do fasts occasionally and get into all the wonderful things in health/vitamin stores... id like to learn about the basic essentials done in a more beneficial way...

You know, you can speed your metabolism up by eating smaller portions every three hours! And building muscle is a good way as well. I love nutrition, too. I study the subject almost every day. It's so fascinating to me. I'd love to talk with people about it.

Wow, that's cool as hell. I've actually thought about that in a daydreaming kind of way. It's something huge we can all do for ourselves that we actually have control over and has lifelong consequences. (I mean eat well, that is, if we all became dieticians we'd have a hard time finding work...)