In The Bubble

I live in a world where people ressist communicating with me. And im talking everyone, even my own children. I detect it here on EP too. Its like an unseen spirit effects everyones mental faculties when it comes to thier emmotional communicative motivation where i am connected.
Its most unpleasant but i just have to live with it.
lafsnack lafsnack
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

I don't spend that much time on EP. Would like to but its just not in my schedule at present. I am very interested in all the world happenings. I have an open mind to all of it. Your interests are pretty much same things I am interested in.

Havnt forgotten about you Mmmmme, and man have i learnt a lot about this Fukushima debarkle id like to share with you. Actually i put most of it into story form and can be found in 'Fukushima' group. A fair bit of reading but broken up into different stories. Its not good news im affraid!