Some Tips Maybe?

I am new to Reiki and was wondering if anyone here has any hints, tips, or tricks that helped them out?
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when i first began giving/receiving reiki (9yrs ago) found the best way to start was with plants, animals, and young children. they are highly accepting of the energy and dont try to over analyze. <br />
also, as some of the above responses, reiki everything you, car, bedroom, the moon, workplace,..etc.,<br />
when doing reiki for others long distance or in person, always ask their higher self if they wish to accept it or store for future use and if not, that it be sent to the universe where it is needed most.<br />
agree with ADEPT in that you should not practice while on drugs or alcohol. and i ask those who had a session with me to obstain for the remainder of the day to allow the fullness of the energy to filter through.<br />
enjoy this gift and remember the more often you send reiki, the stronger it will be. <br />
hope this helps<br />
in love and light

Read about it, talk about it, do it :)<br />
A formula of mine says "knowledge + experience = wisdom"<br />
<br />
Be creative, find more ways to use it, play with it,<br />
make different stuff with it. Like not only lay hands and send reiki through time and space to living things (with hands, just with your mind, or use a teddy bear as the person you send energy), but also to groups or a forest, to relationships and situations (also in past and future), prepare your food with it or install a reiki shower at a place, make an energy storage for emergency, cleanse food, stones or your favorite stuff with it. Just bath in it.<br />
But always only when you like to, if you feel uncomfortable today with it, wait for tomorrow. Don't do it on drugs or in other altered states.

Most definitely practice. The more you use Reiki, the more your channels open up and flow. It's kind of like a clogged drain, or one with some minerals in the pipe... when you use the water (energy) with some baking soda or cleaner added (Reiki), they become clean.<br />
<br />
Of course, it could also me helpful to start your classes and attunements over again if you feel you need to! Go with what you feel is right, and it's right.

I would say to practice, also. I feel the most confident when I do it on someone who can feel energy and gives me feedback, that way I know it's working. One of my friends who does reiki too has specific excercises that she learned from her teacher. She's supposed to show me them, so if you want I can let you know about them once I learn them.

arent they like healing stones or something?

Practice, practice, practice. Both on yourself and others. The more you use it the stronger it becomes.

Um, what is it? Too tired to wiki or google it.