They've Turned Their Backs

I used to love going to see my family. When me and my cousins were young we'd all play together all the time! But as we grew into our teen years it became clear that we didn't have much in common anymore. I've always been the odd ball in anything I do. I guess that's why they stopped talking to me. Id say hi, they'd walk on by.
So I would be by myself when we would visit. Thay went on for years where I didn't feel apart of the family. Except from my grandma who would let me do oddjobs around the house. I liked helping her though. It made me feel better even though my cousins, aunts, and uncles didn't like me. My dad has a massive family so that is close to 50 ppl not liking me.
One day they came to town I was in 10th grade. My dad wanted me to go with them, but I asked him if I could play gamecube with my friends. Then he exploded! Told me that he was going to protect his family from me. He told me not to talk to them. Not so much as look at them!
That... broke my heart.
I know they didn't talk to me, but I didn't dislike them. I didn't understand his anger.
And my grand mother. Well I didn't see her until 5 years later, on my birthday last year, at her funeral..
jukeflin jukeflin
22-25, M
Sep 6, 2012