You Won't Believe Me

I found out a year ago that i was related (even if it is a distant realshionship) to one of the worlds most famous celebrities Barack Obama. I know that you probably think im lieing, everyone does, but it is the truth. I should probably meet him but i didnt get to. You see, a while ago my granmother got a call from some mysterious people asking about my grandad who has been desiesed for 14 years. She didnt know who it was and didnt want to give out information out to random people about my grandad. So she didnt reply to the message that they left on her phone. It turned out that they were trying to find reations to Obama before he came over to Ireland about a year ago. You probably still dont believe me but, after i was told about this i did some research. They printed a family tree of Obamas relatives in Ireland in the local newspaper and somewhere near the top was the name ******* ******* (sorry dont want to say the name). This is the same name as my grandad. I went to his grave (R.I.P.), and all of the names on it where the same name repeated all over. It is the family grave. Basicley My grandad was called ******* ******* and so was his dad and his dad and his dad going on for many many generations.
As well as that Obama visited offaley when he visited Ireland because that is where they traced some of his relations. The thing is my grandads family started off in Offaly then moved over to Dublin to find work. So now i am really sure that i am related to Barack Obama.
I would love to meet him, and so would the rest of the family, but we can't just exactly ring him up on the phone.
Theres my story, believe if you want or don't believe it, but no matter what you say, i am related to him :)
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That doesn't mean I don't believe u.