Jebus Saves

I've found that people like to twist and contort their beliefs in order to find a perspective that resides within their comfort zone. That's why spirituality is incredibly subjective. It gets pretty confusing after a while. Rather than having to become burdened by critical thinking or logic, I'd rather submit to following a set of views that emphatically proclaims itself to be objective. The Goat-farmer's Guide to the Universe is pretty clear with it's terms and conditions. I don't mind following rules, even if they're completely arbitrary. Most rational people would object to this kind of lifestyle, but faith and tectonic plates can move mountains.

Being an independent thinker is just too much work. Science is incredibly slow in finding out the mysteries of the universe. I'm too proud to say 'I don't know', so it's far easier to say Gog (sp?) is responsible for everything and find a few select tidbits of information as corroborating evidence. Sometimes some smartass atheist attempts to point out my logical fallacies or contradict my claims with verifiable evidence, but I just shrug and say 'Gog's will'. It's comforting knowing that there is some kind of order in the universe, even if looks completely random from scrupulous observations.
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Jan 12, 2013