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After 2 days of deep thoughts and soul searching,i realised i used to have green fingers and loved to go to movies on my own.Those were the days of my abusive marriage where watching my plants was making me feel so good.Going to the movies to watch comedy was a destress.They eventually became my passion.I have not planted anything for 9 years.On my 2nd year living with Philip my soulmate,we rented a small terrace house with a small garden.I spent many enjoyable hours planting,watering and watching them grow and flowers bloom.Going to movies were more of enjoyment than destress..Now i am staying in a apartment that planting is impossible.Instead i will go to the Botanical Gardens to relive my joy of nature.Going to the movies is replaced by watching DVD at home because most movie houses are not wheelchair friendly here.I will continue to discover new things so that i do not regret.
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3 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Yes tou are right.But in an apartment is rather hard.Will find a way.Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

There is nothing quite like growing things from seed be it outside or in,its the joy of nurturing and creation.I hope you can find a way to grow things you love and you enjoy your movies

Me too.I am finding a way to do gardening in my apartment.Thinking about it already felt excited.Have a blessed day and thanks for dropping by.