I Am In The Air Force Sometimes Scary

Flying on airplanes, Love it! When I graduated from college, when I was 23, I enlisted In the Air Force. And I flew supersonic, futuristic looking, armed planes. AKA fighter jets. Yes they are fast. Yes they are deadly. Yes they have guns and missiles. Yes, It was the roller coaster ride of my life! No they don't have Nuclear bombs. At first, I was not so good at flying. Yes I admit that I have crashed billion dollar airplanes. In fact, Many of them. Thank God for ejector seats. If that had not been invented, I'd be dead!. The time I am scarred is when there is a missile chasing me. Many times In the Gulf War, The Viet-Kongs would blow up my jet with a missile. Today I still am in the air force, but now I fly a C-5 Galaxy heavy transport  here are some pics I took.

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The pic above is my plane I fly currently