Suddenly Afraid to Die On Take-off

I was on a plane back from an overseas trip. On take-off, I felt a sudden panic. Will my life end within the duration of this plane ride? Oh no! Have I properly shown love those who I love? Have I done everything I wanted to do? Have I any regrets? Am I happy?

It is only in the past few months that I have recurring reminders that death may be near at any point. I used to be fearless and feel invincible. Death has not been a topic in my head since I was age 9 or so.

I suppose I've reached a point up the slow climb on the mountain of Life where I feel a bit height-phobic.

There is the good + bad. I can hardly tell which is which. I am less naturally inclined to take risks (sometimes foolish), I am more thoughtful about my day-to-day actions, and death reminds me that I should never be afraid of anything.
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7 Responses May 23, 2007

I always trust that the Pilot, and co-Pilot, want a safe journey.

I regularly fly right into a war zone; South-East Asia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India. I am the pilot of a warplane.

were there any deaths in your family related to planes like 9/11, airplane crashes, etc. you see all of my family was in the Air force, Incuding me I know how you feel.

I can relate as I've become very cautious in life, but will risk flying to avoid certain areas.

I've flown quite a lot and had my share of hairy moments - engine cutouts, thunderstorms that had an airhostess on the plane ceiling etc. But I can honestly say I was never afraid.<br />
I lived in South Africa for 27 years. A beautiful country, but it's constantly trying to kill you! I realised that when looking death in the face I never felt so alive. Wouldn't have missed that for a moment.

I can relate to the thought you had on a plane. I'm very nervous on them, and try now to aviod them.

This fear has not be tested again with another flight. But I find myself thinking more and more about death. Making decisions these days will often factor in how many days are left till I die.