Heading To The Home Stretch

Take at look at the above!!!  This is how far we've gotten.  I haven't returned to this spot for quite some time because it has been a long, long journey and sometimes I get discouraged.  Hubby did nearly everything himself, including the concrete countertops!  And they are beautiful.  Along the journey, the kitchen window got replaced (add another $2K).  There were all of those inside drawers and dividers that I call "innerds" that we bought for the inside of our cabinets and drawers (add another $1.2K).  Then hubby made the island concrete in 2 large pieces, but they were way too heavy to bring upstairs without getting professional help (add another $400).  And, he had to get some help in mixing the concrete and pouring it into the molds (add another $450).  Not to mention getting the drywall done on the ceiling.  Perhaps he could have done that, but it might have looked amateurish, so add another $500.  Needless to say, the project has cost a few thousand dollars more than we had originally planned.  Most everyone has the same experience.

Now we're at a point where the kitchen is fully functional.  Notice the empty wall space to the left of the kitchen sink.  That will be my built-in glass top computer desk.  But first, we have to put in the backsplash on the white wall.  We brought our tile guy in for a consultation.  That was the first design consultation we had for this entire project.  But sometimes you need someone to tie it all together with the final pieces.  He confirmed that our instincts were right to have a blank wall.  We are going to use the tile on the wall like wallpaper.  When it's done I will post again.  

It is nearing 10 months since we first started the project.  As you can see from the original picture, we have progressed a lot.  It feels good, but along the way, I let my emotions get the best of me.  I tried to put the blinders on when I came home from work everyday.  I didn't want to discourage hubby.  He really went beyond his original knowledge and capabilities.  What an accomplishment!

dmoor2 dmoor2
Feb 13, 2010