My Escape Pod

I live in a dinky little apartment after having left my marriage last July.  It's little bigger than a hotel room.   I've literally had to purge out EVERYTHING that is not absolutely essential for daily living.  But it's home, it's mine and I love it.  My sanctuary.  My oaisis.

~ home sweet home ~



Just so you don't feel too sorry for me anymore, I did move last July when my lease was up.  Upgraded from about 600 sq ft to 1400 sq feet with washer AND dryer hook ups...  woo hoo. 

Now I have to refurnish EVERYTHING....   holding out for the good stuff.  No more garage sales for moi.  (not really, I'm getting ready to hit the streets right now this early Saturday morning).

~ peace ~


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18 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Boy would I love to his the sales in England Tas - I bet there is some old world stuff I couldn't resist... Damn the fees at the border!<br />
<br />
Zeg - you are important as you are.. last word or not!<br />
<br />
~ peace all ~

I think its exciting getting to choose all over again ..Saw some great wooden furniture in the market today.It was good quality, stylsh and cheap.There was a large spice chest and coffe table I would have bought for sure if I was starting over ..

Gosh - I wish I could find some 'clean line' furniture at an estate sale or something...<br />
<br />
How's it going BG?

Goomy ! I know a friend who furnished a whole apartment in Japan doing just that

Oh MGJ - I am genetically predisposed to being a pack rack; it runs in the family.and bcj - you are too sweet and BACK ATCHA!

dear drew<br />
<br />
angel. while your heart is physically smaller than your apt, it is much bigger than any estate and that is all that counts.<br />
<br />
love<br />

I came from a pack rat kinda mentally, everyones affraid to let go, It took me awhile moving from a home to another place.<br />
I'm sure the garbage men weren't smiling at me either, as they past. <br />
Sometimes a clean slates needed when chalking out newer dreams... <br />
I hope your nest is a comfort for you as well! be safe

You got that right Tas.<br />
How are you girl?

I can see the attraction of 'starting over' . <br />
I would swop hell in a mansion for peace in one room any day!

I dunno what happened to the picture.. it was there when I posted.. it's happened to a lot of pics in my stories.... what's up with that?

indeed MP.

There is a lot of wisdom in those simple made up words Myonis. I lost everything last year, literally had to buy EVERYTHING.... but I feel so much peace...<br />
<br />
~ Ground Control to Major Tom ~ Indeedy there LittleLouLou ~ That's what I was going for.. tee hee

Peace in a pod is worth more than madness in a mansion. <br />
<br />
I just made that up.

The really cool thing is I just started a job working out of my apt. I can officially become a hermit.

rent to buy

I can relate well. I, too, have lived in less space than most luxury cars provide. It was home, it was mine, and I was quite content. I'm happy that you have found a sanctuary of your own and will always have the memories long after you move into your 32 room estate...

LOL - indeed!

ha-ha... my BF lived in Japan for 3 years. We're both very into the culture and their simplicity of living.