Just Plain Evil

puppy mills are some of the most awful, wretched places on earth. every time i see pictures from one or just think about those beautiful, sweet creatures being forced to live like that i feel the rage building in me. i think we should round up all the "people" (a term i use loosely here) who run these places and cram THEM into tiny, dirty cages with no food, water, or breathing room. and when they ask to be let out because they're so miserable living that way day after day, the answer will be, "NO WAY!" anyone who would subject a defenseless animal to that kind of torture can stay in the cages where they belong.

runnagirrl runnagirrl
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

that's sad :( I agree with you.

I agree l00%. My latest little foster spent 8 years in a puppy mill used for breeding. See my story<br />
(The hardest time when fostering an animal is here)! I would like to put the breeders in HER crate for 8 years.