I Just Need to Get Better At It!

I seem to have a mild depression (OK  its probably worse than mild but don't want to whine)as a background most of the time.I know what the problem/s is/are.....I am just lacking in being able to deal with them effectively.I'm trying small bite size steps at the moment, just hoping it'll help.

I'm good at finding little snatches of happiness....little things to laugh at or to find beauty in everyday things...its the overall picture I'm bad at.

I'd settle at contentment.I'm not sure being happy all the time is achievable...maybe I'm wrong.

lostbird lostbird
51-55, F
3 Responses Mar 10, 2008

Wow, I'm loads happier than when I wrote this, so it is possible! lol

I've given up on the dream of total happiness, and I'm much happier lol. Sometimes my own expectations can hinder any opportunity for peace, joy etc.

I always did see the detail more than the overall picture!I'd forgotten about this story....